Does Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Workout Plan Really Work?

Do you often fail to manage time for workouts in your busy day to day life? Are you worried about the ever-increasing weight and no-maintenance schedule to adopt. Recently a new concept has come up that features short, intense workout session that facilitates burning of calories just like the regular workout sessions. Tony Horton, the creator of P90X program has come up with a new intense workout program named Tony Horton’s 10 minute workout.

It promotes a concept that’s frequently adopted by athletes and sportsmen which is termed as sprint-interval training. Let’s discover more about the concept and how it can help you lose and maintain a healthy body weight. In this special report, we will reveal research results, facts and figures.

Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Workout Plan Inside the Corporate Office: The Most Important Factors

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  • It’s easier to work out when you’re enjoying the session together. May be a relaxing 10 minutes outside your office premises will help you burn all the extra calorie and attain optimum health. Experts and researchers have showed how crowd-exercising is more helpful and enjoyable for anyone willing to lose weight through intense workout sessions. Just talk with your office mates and inform the management about your decision, you’ll see how your colleagues will appreciate your step and come forward to join you and make the crowd exercise team at office!
  • You’ll definitely need support from the management and the company you’re working for. If the workout session is led by the managers or team leaders, you’ll find the workout sessions to be more effective and easy to organize. Even the companies might come with innovative solutions to help their employees about maintaining health. As an example, the chairs can be replaced by elliptical machines. These resourceful workout tools at office will make things more comfortable for you.
  • Tony Horton’s 10 minute workout routine work great only if the participants are enthusiastic about these sessions. The concept goes like this: participants who need to lose weight most will get the most out of these ideas. And at the same time, something good for the employees definitely means something great for the company too! The workout sessions need not to sustain more than 25 minutes. But the intensity should be increasing discretely during these short workout sessions.

Working Out for 10 Minutes Every Day: Researched Facts and Figures

Health and fitness experts have researched on the effects of intense physical exercises since many busy professionals had started searching about these more powerful, short yet effective workout sessions. The researches have revealed some important facts. Let’s discover those interesting facts about intense workout plans.

  1. A few men professionals aged around 28 years were followed up by the researchers. These subjects were asked to skip their regular workout routines for one day. Instead, they were asked to practice vigorous sprint exercise for about 25 minutes. The researchers collected the data and showed how the intense exercise sessions burned extra calories just like any given day.
  2. The concept was based on a very simple idea, more intense work will burn more calories. A research team from Colorado State University in Fort Collins conducted study on the particular concept. The leader of this study, Kyle Sevits made a comparison between the workout activities in those two days; one referred to regular workout routine and the other referred to intense brief workout sessions. And he found the results and the total energy expenditure almost equal in both the days.
  3. The subjects during the study did not show any change in their food consumption that could potentially influence the results. However, the type of exercises used in this method might not suit everyone. A lecturer of Physiology at University of Aberdeen in Scotland, Dr. Stuart Gray recommended these workout sessions for the healthy, adults only. He was not a part of this study, but he closely observed the research results and left his remarks.
  4. The concept worked with few very important issues. First of all, Tony Horton’s 10 minute workout concentrated on the intensity of an activity regardless of the form of exercise and reduction of energy consumption in all possible ways. Secondly, the idea worked with sprint technique that works great when time is a limiting factor. Tony is well aware of the concern among the corporate professionals seeking fitness guidance indulging brief, intense exercising sessions. Finally, the idea works well with the discrete change of intensity of an action. Running on the treadmill might not be useful as it’s a stationary, constant movement, whereas discretely increasing intensity of an activity proves to be highly effective in this case.

Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Workout: An Overview

Tony is known for his exceptional weight loss products since a long time. He has over 30 years of experience working in this health and fitness industry. A few years back, he came up with a popular weight loss product known P90X.

It was a comprehensive weight loss plan that could help anyone lose weight through extensive, regular workout sessions beside dietary supplements. That was a long term plan and designed for those who were ready to work vigorously on the plans.

But there were more people to deal with, people looking for more intense plans and sessions to keep things simple and more convenient for them. After extensive research, trials and errors, Tony found out some unique methods that would help anyone reduce the length of the daily workout sessions and get the best result.

He finally came up with an amazing formula that covers all the issues and seems it’s one of the best weight loss solutions for the busy corporate professionals who don’t have much time to spend on workouts or physical exercises in their day to day routine.

Tony Horton’s 10 minute workout plan is relatively new and not yet popular among everyone. The busy, corporate professionals are taking more interest in these intense 10 Minute Trainer routines discussed here in Tony’s guide. You can easily reduce the excess fat from your body following the discrete and intense method and maintain an optimum weight instead the regular, lengthy workout sessions. If you’re worried about the implementation and effects, you should talk with your fitness trainer to explore your eligibility about the program and follow the schedule right away.

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