6 Rules To Follow In Order To Achieve The 10 Minute Trainer Results

Most people believe that in order to lose weight or become physically fit, they need to spend hours at the gym running on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights. However, one can achieve 10 minute trainer results through a 10 minute trainer program. The program, by Tony Horton, includes a ten minute workout routine that is ideal for anyone who has a busy work schedule and does not have time to work out.

Tony Horton is an exercise instructor and his program came into the market in 2008. It is a collection of brief high intensity work outs.  In order to see the 10 Minute Trainer results, there are a few rules that everyone must have in mind.

6 Rules To Maximize Your 10 Minute Workout Results

1. Always listen to the body

When it comes to working out, many people would rather listen to their mind rather than their body. The problem with this approach is that they eventually find it hard to enjoy exercising because they are working too hard. Every day is different; there are some days that the body will feel fully revitalized with tons of energy while some days will feel dull and the energy levels will be very low.

Take for example a man who has been striving to lose 45 pounds by running everyday in the morning. He hates running because his heart rate soars whenever he runs at a certain pace. This is the pace that he wants to keep because he believes it will help him lose more calories. However, when one day he decided to slow down his pace, he began to enjoy running. The reason is because he listened to his body and stopped forcing it to do something it wasn’t ready for.  If you strain your body too much, it’s probably doing more harm than good in the long run – possibly even leading to injuries.

2. Use some common sense

Nowadays, it has become a common trend to consult with a trainer, gym instructor or even a doctor regarding weight loss and diets. It is in fact recommended that a person consults a professional before they engage in weight loss programs or diets so there is nothing wrong with that. However, most professionals will give their clients advice based on estimates. For instance, some trainers will advice their clients to stay within the “fat burning zone” which might not be appropriate for everyone.

For instance, a person might try to work out within a certain heart rate but it feels too easy; either there is no intensity or they are simply not getting any results. Since they have been advised to stay within this heart rate, they might be reluctant to adjust the pace or increase the intensity of the work out. This does not mean that the experts are wrong; it means that one should not be afraid to question some of the advice that they are given.

3. Do what the body can

Beginners usually begin their exercise routines with much enthusiasm and end up straining their bodies too much. In order to realize the 10 Minute Trainer results, it usually takes some time for the body to adjust. Some people think that because they do not have the endurance or the stamina to challenge the work outs, they might as well just stop all together. The truth is that it takes time and practice in order for one to be able to complete a full ten minute high intensity work out.

For instance, if it is the first time to engage in the Ten Minute Trainer program, the beginner can begin with the first five minutes then the next time they can do six minutes and continue like that, until they can complete the full ten minutes. What matters is that one must begin slowly and build towards the more intense exercises.

4. Consistency

For many of us, a workout is only worth it when it “counts”. This means it has to last a certain amount of time, be a certain intensity and has to be done a certain number of days every week. In reality, these are just preconceived notions needing a rethink.  The problem is that there will always be no time to do these long workouts and actually make them “count”. As a result, they skip the work outs altogether rather than do shorter ones that don’t “count”.

The 10 Minute Trainer results that most people achieve are enough proof that every work out counts no matter how short it is. The key to being successful at exercising is being consistent. This means that beginners should make it a habit to work out every day and aim to increase the intensity every time they work out. This will make the body stronger and more physically fit.

5. Work out with friends and family

Working out alone may not be as fun as working out with friends and family. This is because friends and family provide motivation that is necessary to achieve the 10 Minute Trainer results. A person may find it tough to take a ten minute break to work out for even ten minutes alone; but if they have people around them who are enthusiastic about working out, it suddenly becomes easier to wake up or take a break and work out.

6. Do not be a slouch

Posture affects performance in any work out. Slumping causes a person to check out of their work out both physically and mentally. In order to realize the 10 Minute Trainer results, a person has to focus on their sweat session. The less they focus the fewer benefits they will enjoy. Slouching also prevents a person from taking in deep breaths while they work out. Taking in deep breaths during a workout helps to deliver enough oxygen to the muscles thus enabling them to work at full capacity.

Posture also helps with technique and helps to prevent exercise related injuries. For instance, if the knees are not bent at the correct angle during weight training, it can lead to back injuries. Posture is also important because it ensures that they right muscle groups are correctly worked out.

In summary, these are the 6 rules that every person wishing to achieve 10 Minute Trainer results should follow. The 10 Minute Trainer program is ideal for a person who wishes to lose a few pounds or simply become physically fit without spending hours at the gym every day.

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