Does the 10 Minute Workout Really Work?

Most of us would like to get in shape and do it in a way that doesn’t take up an awful lot of time. One of the most common excuses that people give for not getting in shape in the first place is that they don’t have the time to get to the gym or they don’t have the energy to work out at the end of the test date. Tony Horton’s 10 minute trainer can help get you in shape in just 10 minutes per day, working virtually all parts of your body, strengthening your muscles, and improving your cardiovascular strength.

What Is the Ten Minute Workout?woman measuring waist

If you ask most people if they could get in shape in just 10 minutes, they would probably tell you know. But, if you go to a gym, you will see a lot of people standing around and talking or doing virtually nothing, so really all the time that they are spending at the gym is wasted. With Tony Horton’s program, there is no wasted time, and you will be working out for the entire 10 minutes.

How Does It Work?

When you order the 10 minute workout online, you will get to choose between three different packages including the base package, the expanded package, and the complete package, all of which include the DVD workouts, but you will get more materials with the expanded in the complete packages. Also, the complete package is sold at 40% off of the original retail price.

At the core of this program are five total body workouts that will work your cardio system, your lower body, your total body, your abdominal region, and also introduce you to the yoga workout. This also includes a professional grade resistance band kit that will help you add more resistance to your workouts to give you greater strength. In addition, you will get a 10 minute recipe guide and a rapid results guidebook that will really increase the effectiveness of this program.

Dr Oz recently interviewed the creator of this program, Tony Horton. Check out the results people had with it and also learn more about how it works:

What Do the Reviews Say About the Ten Minute Workout?

It is difficult to find a lot of reviews for this product online right now. Of course, it is commonly advertised on television and you will often see ads for the 10 Minute Trainer online too, but what really proves to you that this product is effective is the fact that there are so many very positive reviews written by people who have used it in their own home.

“I’ve been using them for about 6 months have had excellent results.” — T_Schmon,

“I’ve been doing the workouts everyday, at least one if not two, for the past two weeks. I’ve lost 9 lbs and 5.125 total inches. I definitely think it’s a good investment for anyone short on time!” — Nessparker,

“Not only did I see results but I also feel great.” — Myfitnessgroup,

Another thing that makes this program so valuable is that the workout calendar encourages you to do different workouts all the time, so you won’t get bored. When you add in the resistance band to your workouts, you will find that even if you have a stronger it can still be a challenge.

“The thing I love most about this program is that it works. Because it’s so fast and easy and far from mundane, you keep going past the first week.” — KissMyConverse,

Should You Buy This Product?

One of the benefits of buying this workout program online is that if you buy it from the official website you will get a 30 day money back guarantee. In addition to this guarantee, they are offering two additional bonuses which include the Tony Horton workout cards and the two day jumpstart plan that will immediately accelerate your progress. Finally you will get six more gift that you can keep whether you keep the entire program or not and these include three additional workouts, 24 hour a day seven days a week support, instant access to streaming workouts, and more tools to help you get in shape and stay in shape. You won’t get any of these bonuses if you buy the 10 Minute Trainer from a traditional retail store.

Is the 10 Minute Workout Right for You?

Surely you can carve out 10 minutes out of your day to dedicate to your body and your future health, and that is exactly why Tony Horton developed his program. By doing so, you will give yourself the chance to increase your lean muscle mass, reduce your body fat, strengthen your abs, and finally get yourself in the shape that you always wanted without ever having to go to the gym or pay for a gym membership again.

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